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Um...What?? Listens to Last Falling!

  • Because we can't blog for crap around here but we have EXCELLENT taste in music. (Last Falling is Bryan Ferguson.)

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Mr. Farty Thinks I Stink

  • Oh, big deal. WHO DOESN'T?

  • (Click on the image to go to Scotchland and visit Mr. Farty's blog!)

For The Four-Leggers

  • Kitten Rescue: Fine purveyors of Moses The Cat and now also Gus The Cat!

  • Team Buster!

You read. You comment. YOU MAKE ME LOVE YOU

  • (I totally ripped off this "quoting comments" idea from Mr. Farty. Because ripping off is the sincerest form of flattery.)
  • Bossy:
    "One cannot Photoshop enough hats, in Bossy's humble opinion."
  • Buzz
    "Reading your blog has, in my mind, you sounding like a 19 year old who's had twelve gallons of sugar and is talking to her best friend on the phone at 5am on day three of a "how long can I stay awake" drive. Really. It's a compliment, though."
  • Chris:
    "I'm pretty sure I'm ALMOST drunk (but not quite)."
  • Debra:
    "I am so honored to be added to the Cast. It's like seeing your name in lights on Broadway...or on the wall of the Post Office."
  • dsbs42
    "Because, if this blog has taught me anything, it's that animal waste is a great topic for a post."
  • Issa:
    "What I love about coming here, is that it takes me five minutes to read through your post and fifteen to find the comments box in all of your tags."
  • Laurie:
    "The toilets in my husband's building did start exploding one one was hurt or turned into a zombie."
  • Lisa:
    "I am confused. Are you saying that someone is going to whip the boner to stimulate his package?"
  • Maggie
    "I totally hate you and your blog. But only in bizarro opposite land."
  • mayopie
    "I didn't even know they had boob scientists. I really should have applied myself more."
  • Mo:
    "I want that mug, damn it. Why can't I order it? Your customer service sucks around here."
  • Mr. Farty:
    "Sorry I'm late here, I was reading the Bloggess instead."
  • Ms. Waltz:
  • Ryan:
    "Although weird, difficult to follow and easy to lose track of, I still can't stop reading your posts. It's like watching a very, very slow motion car crash."
  • Steph
    "I vote for microfiche solely because it's fun to say. And because it'll confuse my children what with them being all used to Google and whatnot. Basically, I want to be able to kick their asses at research. Whippersnappers."
  • The Bloggess
    "I would so vote for you for best host if you would pour me some damn booze already."
  • XUP:
    "This blog is always like a happy mushroom trip. I always need a big helping of carbs afterwards to help me come down."

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